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Awareness Ribbons

We can help you customize by putting pins or embroidered appliqués on cards to serve your clients' needs and to promote the causes.


Metal Pin: PIN-R001
Emb. Appliqué:
Small: EAP-R001S
Large: EAP-R001L


Metal Pin: PIN-R002
Emb. Appliqué:
Small: EAP-R002S
Large: EAP-R002L


Metal Pin: PIN-R003
Emb. Appliqué:
Small: EAP-R003S
Large: EAP-R003L


Metal Pin: PIN-R004
Emb. Appliqué:
Small: EAP-R004S
Large: EAP-R004L


Metal Pin: PIN-R005
Emb. Appliqué:
Small: EAP-R005S
Large: EAP-R005L

Dark Blue

Metal Pin: PIN-R006
Emb. Appliqué:
Small: EAP-R006S
Large: EAP-R006L


Metal Pin: PIN-R007
Emb. Appliqué:
Small: EAP-R007S
Large: EAP-R007L


Metal Pin: PIN-R008
Emb. Appliqué:
Small: EAP-R008S
Large: EAP-R008L


Metal Pin: PIN-R009
Emb. Appliqué:
Small: EAP-R009S
Large: EAP-R009L

Meaning of Ribbons:

Breast Cancer Awareness

Aids Awareness & Support
Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Cancer Awareness & Support
Troop or Military Support

Bone Marrow Donation
Kidney Cancer Awareness
Environmental Awareness
Leukemia Hope & Support

Prostate Cancer Awareness

Dark Blue:
Arthritis Awareness
Child Abuse Awareness

Alzheimer Awareness
Animal Abuse Awareness

Lung Cancer Awareness
Bone Cancer Awareness
Right to life

Mourning Support

  • Size:
    • Metal pins: 1/2"(W) x 1"(H)
    • Embroidered appliqués:
      • Large: 7/8"(W) x 1 3/4"(H)
      • Small: 1/2"(W) x 1"(H)
  • Backing:
    • Metal pins: butterfly clutch
    • Embroidered appliqués: heat seal or self adhesive backing
  • Packaging:
    • Metal pins: pack in bulk or on cards
    • Embroidered appliqués: in rolls (25 pieces / roll), packed in bulk or on cards
    • Card's size: standard business card size, custom size available upon request
  • Minimum quantity: 100 pieces
  • Delivery time:
    • Metal pins: 3~4 weeks
    • Embroidered appliqués: 2 ~ 3 weeks



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