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Color Charts: Sweatband & Headband

Please note that the colors shown below may vary from the actual color chart and may not be an exact representation due to monitors, printers, and individual resolution settings.

PMS color: black
Peiyork color: #900
PMS color: 288C
Peiyork color: #368
Royal Blue
PMS color: white
Peiyork color: #800
PMS color: 2766C
Peiyork color: #358
Navy Blue
PMS color: 200C
Peiyork color: #701
PMS color: 5535C
Peiyork color: #247
Forest Green
PMS color: 202C
Peiyork color: #190
PMS color: 3415C
Peiyork color: #J233
Kelly Green
PMS color: 137C
Peiyork color: #525
PMS color: 7532C
Peiyork color: #736
Light Brown
PMS color: Gray 6C
Peiyork color: #484
PMS color: 412C
Peiyork color: #739
Dark Brown

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